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A Message from Dr. Hooks

As you may know there has been ANOTHER round of recalls in the pet food industry. I want to give my clients a little more information. It has been estimated that over 5600 pets have been adversely affected by Chinese-made Chicken Jerky Treats. These products are currently being recalled by major retail sources. Since 2007 veterinarians and pet owners have been complaining about pets becoming ill after consuming these treats. The FDA is currently investigating the cause of these illnesses with cooperation from Chinese scientist.

THE TAKE AWAY INFORMATION I WANT CLIENTS TO UNDERSTAND… Recently Senators discovered, during a congressional hearing with USDA officials about the Chinese sourced products, that the “Made in America” designation on the package does not necessarily mean you are purchasing products free of Chinese sourced ingredients. So if you are concerned, you should contact the manufacturer of a product you are interested in before giving it to your pet.

Daniel Engeljohn, a USDA assistant administrator, told Congressmen, “We don’t have criteria that we use to set a basis for ‘made in the U.S.’” So please be vigilant.

June 28, 2014


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